Martial Arts

19:30 - 21:00

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Hi, my name is Garry and I am the senior instructor at Spencers Wood Kyushindo Martial Arts club. I’ve been training in various martial arts for over 30 years. The class is a mixed-age and ability karate and judo class. We are a ‘non-contact’ style, which means you won’t see students hitting each other, but we do train in all types of martial arts practice (kata, sparring, techniques, pad work), as well as theory about self-protection.

We do teach karate and judo to any age, however as this class is a ‘bit late’ for some, I suggest 8 is the youngest age. I know this may not be for everyone and so the first lesson is always free. After that I only charge £4 per lesson to cover hire costs and £20 annual membership to cover insurance.

If you want to know more please feel free to call me or just turn up on a Monday evening. I know the rest of the class would make you feel really welcome.