Baby & Toddler Group

Mondays & Thursdays
09:45 - 11:45

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We are a non profit making group, run by everyone who attends the group.

We are open Mondays and Thursdays 09:45 – 11:45 all year, except bank holidays. All parents and carers of pre school children are welcome to attend with their children.
You do not need to book a place, you can turn up any time.

We organise a craft activity each week. Please feel free to have a go with your child. If you have a great idea for a new activity, let us know.

Please sign in on the register and put your money in the box. Cost is £3 per session for 1 adult and up to 3 children. If you want to bring an extra adult, or child,
it’s an extra £1.

Toys are set up, put away and cleaned by volunteers. Please help clear up at the end of the session. If everyone helps, it makes it much easier. We tidy up at approximately 11:15 and (if we are finished in time) the children might have an informal song time at 11:30 – 11:45.

Coffee, tea, squash, water, fruit, biscuits, etc are provided and prepared by volunteers at approximately 1045 (feel free to help again). If your child has any allergies/intolerances, or their own juice/biscuit, then please ensure you keep an eye on them. Please return yours and your child’s cups, etc to the kitchen as soon as possible, so they can be washed up (please feel free to volunteer for this too).

If you are unable to lift due to pregnancy, or any other reason, then please help with light activities, such as packing boxes, drinks, snacks and washing up, as this leaves
others free to help with other things.

We need a volunteer each week to open up and bring fruit. These are put on a rota near the register, but any help from people who are not on the rota is very welcome.
The person who brings the fruit does not have to pay that week.

The rug in the middle of the room is for babies and we try to discourage toddlers from using it, for the safety of the babies.

If you, your child (or someone else) breaks something, please let someone know, so we can get it repaired, or replaced. We understand that these things happen.